WraSer Direct (Mail-Prescriptions)

Trezix Capsules now offers an INSTANT ONLINE COUPON, which may be printed and taken to your pharmacy for instant savings!  Please click the link below to access this coupon.


Introducing WraSer Direct™, an exclusive mail-prescription program for TREZIX™ offered only by Wraser Pharmaceuticals.  If you are interested in learning about WraSer Direct, please contact arutland@wraser.com to learn more.  

BENEFITS OF WraSer Direct™:

  1. Guarantees pharmacy availability of TREZIX™.
  2. May be e-Prescribed or Faxed from anywhere in the US and ships next day air for free directly to patients.
  3. Guarantees TREZIX™ availability with maximum applied patient savings.
  4. Patient refill reminders and readily available consultation for better patient compliance.
  5. Drastically reduces Healthcare callbacks. 

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